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Team Projects


Technology For Africa A selective group of student works with a local non-for-profit, Possibilities Without Borders, Inc. to entrepreneurship around the world by providing residents in Douala and the Littoral Province in the central Africa country of Cameroon access to computers and training on how to use the computers for economic development purposes.

CUBE - Retail Operation (Beatty 1st floor) SIFE manages a small retail operation offering coffee, cold drinks, snacks, printing services and much more. Come a visit us!

Youth Business Plan Competition This project takes business planning beyond the plan, and actually puts it into action. This competition provides middle and high school students with an opportunity to showcase their ideas in a business plan competition.

Palmetto Rose SIFE members design and implement learning session on basic entrepreneurship skills for YEScarolina's Palmetto Rose students. Monthly sessions cover various business topics.

Lemon-aid Stand A collaboration between the College of Charleston's SIFE Team and the School of Education, 1st and 2nd grade students will learn basic entrepreneurship skills by running a lemonade stand.

Credit Counseling Workshop The C of C SIFE Team will partner with First Citizens and AIG to provide credit counseling for College of Charleston undergraduate students.

King Street Goes Green The SIFE team created an awarness project to help local businesses in downtown Charleston gain awareness of the amount of recyclable waste generated by their business.



"Educational outreach projects that create economic opportunity for others are the core of SIFE's existance."


If you are interested in learning more about SIFE or participating in a SIFE project, please contact Celi Merchant.

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